Romany Amps

Romany Combo

Romany Combo Front

The smallest member of the Romany family, the Romany Combo is 10 watts of tone reminiscent of your favorite tweed amps of the late 50’s.  Loaded with one 10 inch Jensen speaker this amp will give your studio or your bedroom all the single-ended sparkling clean or singing overdrive tones they can handle.  The output valve voltage reduction control give you the choice of 10, 2, .25 and .05 watts of output and the EQ cut switch provides an additional gain boost.

Controls: Volume, Bass, Treble,EQ Cut and Power Reduction

Dimensions: 13x19x8 inches  Weight: 21 lbs.

Romany Plus Combo

Romany Plus Combo Front

The Romany Plus Combo is a similar design to the Romany Combo, 10 watts with output valve voltage reduction and EQ cut;  and some welcome additions including a 12 inch Jensen speaker for additional bottom end – and a reverb circuit that many players desire.

Controls: Volume, Bass, Treble, EQ Cut, Reverb, Power Reduction

Specifications: 15x21x8.5 inches  Weight: 29 lbs

Romany Pro Combo

Romany Pro Front


Romany Pro Top

Built for those players that need more clean headroom than the other Romany models, the Romany Pro has all the features of the Romany Plus at 20 watts instead of 10.  Perfect for stage use at 20 watts, it also has output valve voltage reduction down to 10, 4 and 2 watts of output, an additional Middle tone control, and the option for additional pre-amp gain with the EQ cut.  The Romany Pro is loaded with a Jensen 12 inch speaker and reverb.

Controls: Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, Reverb, EQ Cut, Power Reduction

Specifications: 13x18x7.75 inches  Weight: 44 lbs.

Romany TR20

Romany TR20 front


Romany TR20 top


The Romany TR20 is the latest addition to the Romany family of amps, packed with all the tools players require for “tweed” tones with the addition of reverb and tremolo.  Similar to the Romany Pro, the TR20 is 20 watts with the ability to reduce output via the output valve voltage reduction circuit down to 5, 1 or .25 watts for situations where a a quieter amp is required.  The TR20 is loaded with a 12″ Jensen speaker.

Controls: Volume, Bass, Treble, Reverb, Depth, Speed, EQ cut

Dimensions: 57x46x26 inches Weight: 35 lbs.