Cornell Plexi Amps


As a guitar player, I am sure you have heard about, played through or own one of the most sought after tones in rock history – that “Plexi” sound heard on hundreds if not thousands of our favorite records.  Denis Cornell has nailed the heart and soul of this sound with his Plexi range of heads and combos – ranging from 7 watts to 50 watts of glorious tone ready for your bedroom, the studio or the stage.


cornell plexi7 green

The Plexi 7 combo is the perfect bedroom, rehearsal space or studio amp.  Available with either a 10 inch or 12 inch Vintage Celestion this little powerhouse has loads of great rock tone in a compact and very portable package.  Controls include Volume, Tone, Edge and Power.  If the neighbors think 7 watts is too loud you can turn the output down to .05 watts and still have the same crunchy or overdriven tone you love – at a much lower volume.  Don’t be fooled by the small size, I have gigged with this amp and had the sound guy ask me to turn it down!  If you have a preference for color, the Plexi range can be custom ordered in your favorite color.

Plexi 7 head white

If you already have a favorite speaker cabinet and only need a head – the new Plexi 7 head is the answer.  All the same great features as the combo – minus the speaker.


If ever there was the perfect head for rock and roll guitar – the Plexi 18/20 is surely a prime candidate.  Let’s face it – both Gary Moore and Robin Trower can’t both be wrong and they used this amp on a number of albums.  The Plexi 18/20 is the middle brother in the Plexi range with two channels, Bass and Normal and two inputs per channel Hi and Lo gain.  Each channels has Volume and Tone control. The output can be switched down to 8 watts for situations where output volume is an issue without cranking down the gain on the amp.  The most interesting feature of the 18/20 is the rectifier switch.  If you like a little sag you can choose tube rectification.  If you like a faster response without the sag you can select the solid state rectification.

cornell plexi 1820 head



OK, so you love the sound of the Cornell Plexi circuit – but you need real power…the shake your pants legs and make the sound guy complain kind of power that you can only get from 50 watts.  Here is your answer – the Cornell Plexi 45/50.  The Big brother of the Plexi range, it has Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass and Presence controls.  Bass and Normal channels with Hi and Lo input and the ability to switch the output to 15 watts if necessary.  The 45/50 has the same rectifier switch as the 18/20 so you can have a little tube sage or the punch of solid state rectification.  Tone and volume were never so happy together!

Cornell Plexi 45 50