Audio Kitchen

We make amplifiers which look handsome and make hairs stand up on the back of your neck.

Steve Crow designs our amplifiers and his typically self-deprecatory and diffident manner mean that he has never made a hard-sell in his life; he prefers to let people make up their own minds, and take their time over it.

So much effort and care is spent in design and hand assembly, that not to allow time for careful consideration is anathema. Any kind of pressure (time, salesman, peer) will tend to inhibit liberty in experimentation, which is a large part of the creativity we try to foster.

This approach is valued by our customers because it gives them freedom to begin discovering some of the wonderful sounds that can be found in our products, but it also makes them feel valued as opposed to just ‘another box shifted’.

Audio Kitchen amplifiers are not sold on the strength of buzz-words or high powered advertising, but on the calibre of the sounds and craftsmanship. We use the highest quality components, materials and techniques, but rather than rely on component brands to convey a sense of refinement, we prefer to let existing clients use their ears and tell prospective customers how they feel through our Users page.

Obviously there is no substitute for playing an amplifier for yourself, and we are reticent to sell to anyone who has not had direct contact with one, but presently it is the most transparent introduction we can give.

Believe what you hear, not what you are told.