Little Chopper

Audio Kitchen Little ChopperThe Little Chopper is an amp whose diminutive stature belies its vast wealth of exquisite sounds.

Based around an ECC81 and ECC83 in the preamp and EL84 power amp, the tones range from ultimate ‘American’ cleans, through classic British chime and grunt, all the way out the other side to Crazy-Horse style scuzz.

Controls on the front panel are Gain, Bass, Middle, Top, Stack, Power


Power output (watts) 0 — 7, Continuously Variable
Class A/B/AB A
Pre-amp tubes 12AT7, 12AX7
Power Tubes EL84x1
Rectifier type Valve
Rectifier tubes EZ81
Transformers (manufacturer) BLS
Resistors Carbon Film/Wire-wound Vitrious
Capacitors Custom made Clarity Caps
Wire UL3584 Double insulated
Pots Clarostat 2W Conductive Plastic
Other components Elma/ Grayhill Switch
Output taps (ohms) 8 Std, others available on request
Cabinet wood Pine
Speaker size 12″
Speaker type Celestion, others available

AK Little Chopper front AK little chopper back