Audio Kitchen Big Trees

AK big trees 1 AK big trees back

The Big Trees is a guitar player’s Swiss Army Knife – it can be used as a tube overdrive pedal, pre-amp or 5 watt amplifier,  re-amping device, and as an all-purpose harmonic enhancer inserted on any recorded track.  Perfectly at home on a pedal board or on a recording console, The Big Trees is rapidly becoming the “must have” device for players, engineers and producers around the world.

The Big Trees has two channels as a pre-amp or pedal, a clean channel with its own separate output control, and a  dirty channel with output control and a “dirt” control giving you additional overdrive without increasing the output of the pedal.  Both channels are affected by the gain, root (bass) and branch (treble) controls.  In amplifier mode both output level controls are bypassed, but the gain, root, branch and dirt controls are still active.

Guitar pickups and valves (tubes for our American cousins) are like Adam and Eve – made for each other. Never have I heard a solid state input stage that comes anywhere close to the almost ‘three-dimensionality’ of a guitar pickup straight into a valve grid.  When you allow a few stages of well designed valve circuit to handle your signal, even if it remains pretty clean, you will reap rewards of character, definition and objective clarity of tone.